Internet & Mobile Phone Safety

Cyberbullying, Internet & Mobile Phone Safety

a presentation by
Dr. Maureen Griffin
(Forensic Psychologist BA MA PhD)

Dr Maureen Griffin made a welcome return to Coláiste Mhuire on Monday 13th January 2014 to follow up on her very topical and eye-opening presentation on Cyberbullying and Safe Internet Use last year. Dr Griffin presented to all students during the day.
Maureen shared her experiences from her research and from talking to students around Ireland. She spoke in detail about social media sites and Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Viber. Her presentation centred on:

  • Highlighting the potential dangers of sharing too much personal information online.
  • Encouraging students to think before they upload material or send it via mobile phone.
  • Creating awareness of the long term consequences of inappropriate internet or phone use.
  • Encouraging respect for others when online and outlining the consequences of cyber-bulling for all involved.
  • Encouraging students to maintain a happy balance between online and offline activities.

Dr Griffin explained how to use privacy settings and pointed out some of the dangers and misconceptions about the use of social media. Dr Griffin also spent time talking about Cyberbullying, its effects and the psychological & legal consequences. Students found her presentation very clear and easy to follow.
Dr Griffin also presented to Parents/Guardians on Monday night, bringing them up to date with current trends in social media use. She gave an overview of how Irish children use the internet and other forms of technology. She outlined the potential dangers of Social Networking and explained how to ensure your child’s profile is private. She went through some of the lingo used by teenagers online and addressed the issue of sexting. She also discussed Cyber-bullying -why it happens, how to spot it and what to do and gave practical advice/tips on how to protect children when online or on their mobile phone.
Dr Griffin is the founder of Internet Safety for Schools Ireland Parents can access information from this website by clicking on the parents section and by clicking on the LINKS tab at the top of the page.
(Dr. Griffin, holds an honours degree in Applied Psychology, a MA in Forensic Psychology and a Ph.D. in Applied (Forensic) Psychology. She is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork and also on Forensic Psychology, Criminal Behaviour & Criminalistics courses in Dorset College, Dublin, Atlantic College Galway, Griffith College, Cork & Limerick. Maureen has delivered lectures on Detective and Sergeant Training Courses in An Garda Síochána and has delivered guest lectures to the Irish Navy and Military Police with the Irish Defence Forces. She has visited over 300 schools, both primary and post-primary around Ireland.)

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