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Below are the class codes for each year group. Once they have joined up to their class they will receive assignments which will have to be completed at timed intervals. All student engagement with Khan Academy is logged by learning minutes, exercise minutes and progress in each topic. Students are to be encouraged to keep retrying the exercises (with the help of video tutorials and written hints) until they score 100%. Only then have they mastered the content. It doesn’t matter how long this takes. All students can work at their own pace. This is a great opportunity for students to brush up on their maths skills and learn new ones which will give them a firm foundation for future work when we all get back into the classroom.
1st year: 56KVS82H
2nd year(ordinary and higher): RMF93CUJ
3rd year (higher level): Q6AP2AEE
3rd year(ordinary level): S3VAD4FA
T.Y.: TTD2XB86
5th year(ordinary level): BBQVQD7Z
5th year(higher level):DGM95E8D
6th year(ordinary level): FTQXATQT
6th year(higher level): 28CASAY7