Accessing student email.

  1. Using a browser of your choice navigate to the Limerick and Clare Education and training Boards website (
  2. Locate the link for Office365 at the top of the page.  On mobile browsers this may be found  in the menu
    email01 email02
  3. This will bring you to the office365 Login page
  4. Enter your username and password that you use to login to computers in the school.
  5. Your Office dashboard should be displayedemail03
  6. Clicking the Outlook Icon will display your email.

You can also add your email to your mobile, add an email according to your phones instruction. Select a Microsoft exchange account and when prompted enter the username and password you use to logon to the computers in school.  Your phone should automatically detect the correct settings.  You may need to complete a few setup steps following the prompts on your phone, this varies by make and model.

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